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"65% have one or more dedicated eCommerce Directors; and nearly 40% have an eCommerce director with prior eCommerce experience at a CPG, a sign that the channel is maturing." 

How do your peers organize and budget around eCommerce?  A new Profitero global study shows how you compare.

A new study finds that nearly 1 in 2 brands describe their company's eCommerce  maturity-level as “Novice” or “Amateur”.

Most (65%) now have one or more dedicated ecommerce Directors, however, and nearly 40% have an eCommerce director with prior eCommerce experience at CPG -- a sign that the channel is maturing. 

Download an Executive Summary of the findings to learn:

  • What are the organizational strategies of the most successful ecommerce brands?
  • How do the most successful ecommerce heads organize around Amazon?
  • What are the top organizational priorities and eCommerce challenges?
  • What accounts for differences in eCommerce growth targets for 2016?
  • Are there differences in budgeting approaches by country or industry?