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With retail eCommerce sales expected to hit $3.5T in 2019, you can easily be left behind without the right tools, technology and analytics in place. But putting the needed capabilities and solutions in place, and picking the right partners is no easy task. To help you on your journey, we created this guide to identifying, selecting and deploying the right digital toolkit for your business — because navigating and managing the intricacies and complexities of eCommerce can make or break your future success.

To produce this guide, we interviewed several industry practitioners, surveyed nearly 200 brands, identified more than 200 solution providers, and researched the innovation capabilities of more than 100 leading global brands.

Download our guide to learn more about:
  • The 8 essential workstreams you need to manage in order to win at eCommerce
  • What capabilities, solutions and tools you need to succeed at those workstreams

  • Questions to ask when building your eCommerce capabilities and technology stack

  • How to identify and select partners that align with your business needs and objectives