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"There are really two flavors or early indicators of demand to keep an eye on. One is the search dynamic - where people know what they want and they’re searching for it, most typically on Amazon. The other is during the inspiration and discovery phase: what are people wishing for and therefore perhaps adding to a wish list."

Keith Anderson, SVP Strategy & Insight, Profitero

How to Plan for Near-Perfect Execution & Avoid Last Minute Disaster

Planning for the holiday season may be long behind us, but a lot of work still remains in-season to ensure plans are on target to maximize volume and profitability.

As Connected Partners, Profitero and Nielsen have come together to provide brands and retailers with the tools and framework needed to ensure flawless execution of your eCommerce strategy this holiday season.

Download our Holiday Survival Guide to find out:
● The role digital will play this holiday season
● Where to look to detect early demand signals
● How to plan for near-perfect execution out of the gate
● How to leverage Amazon as a marketing/influence channel
● The importance of having a backstop or contingency plan in place
● How to prepare for unexpected demand or execution issues that could pop up