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Forget everyday low pricing. Retailers like Amazon are repricing some products daily or even more frequently. Our research shows that 71% of products sold by 3P sellers on Amazon had intraday price changes, some as many as 249X a day — with competitors often price-matching.

These kinds of rapid-fire pricing dynamics are leading to race-to-the-bottom behavior and permanent price drops. Profitero’s guide offers viable and actionable solutions to help you instead maximize Average Selling Price, and ensure the economics work for both you and your retail customers.

Download our guide to learn more about:
  • What metrics you should monitor to prevent potentially damaging outcomes, like CRaP and delisting
  • Strategies for navigating the challenging price environment, including optimizing item-level profitability and exploring MAP policies

  • Ways to think about promotions that preserve, not destroy, Average Selling Price

  • How to deliver value beyond individual item pricing