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"The eCommerce market in China is largely all mobile and is characterized by flash promotions. Brands need to understand exactly how to optimize their sales performance on mobile platforms, given 80% of Alibaba’s transactions are now via mobile."

China is the world’s #1 eCommerce market globally by sales. The size of the prize — that is, capturing a piece of the high-growth $800 billion Chinese eCommerce market — is well worth the investment.

But while the eCommerce growth opportunity for global brands in China is immense, understanding its unique, local market nuances is critical to success.

Download this new white paper to learn:

  • What makes China eCommerce so different
  • The importance of supporting a mobile-first strategy
  • The key to winning over savvy and social Chinese consumers
  • Why doing business with Tmall and matters
  • Which CPG categories are winning in eCommerce in China
  • The importance of ratings and reviews and sentiment analysis to earn trust
  • The intricacies of monitoring frequently changing content